March 21, 2023
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Part 13 : Sec. 13.209 Examination procedures
(a) Each examination for a commercial radio operator license must be administered at a location and a time specified by the COLEM. The COLEM is responsible for the proper conduct and necessary supervision of each examination. The COLEM must immediately terminate the examination upon failure of the examinee to comply with its instructions.

(b) Each examinee, when taking an examination for a commercial radio operator license, shall comply with the instructions of the COLEM.

(c) No examination that has been compromised shall be administered to any examinee. Neither the same telegraphy message nor the same question set may be re-administered to the same examinee.

(d) Passing a telegraphy examination.

(1) To pass a receiving telegraphy examination, an examinee is required to receive correctly the message by ear, for a period of 1 minute without error at the rate of speed specified in Sec. 13.203 for the class of license sought.

(2) To pass a sending telegraphy examination, an examinee is required to send correctly for a period of 1 minute at the rate of speed prescribed in Sec. 13.203(b) for the class of license sought.

(e) Passing a telegraphy receiving examination is adequate proof of an examinee's ability to both send and receive telegraphy. The COLEM, however, may also include a sending segment in a telegraphy examination.

(f) The COLEM is responsible for determining the correctness of he examinee's answers. When the examinee does not score a passing grade on an examination element, the COLEM must inform the examinee of the grade.

(g) When the examinee is credited for all examination elements required for the commercial operator license sought, the examinee may apply to the FCC for the license.

(h) No applicant who is eligible to apply for any commercial radio operator license shall, by reason of any physical handicap, be denied the privilege of applying and being permitted to attempt to prove his or her qualifications (by examination if examination is required) for such commercial radio operator license in accordance with procedures established by the COLEM.

(i) The COLEM must accommodate an examinee whose physical disabilities require a special examination procedure. The COLEM may require a physician's certification indicating the nature of the disability before determining which, if any, special procedures are appropriate to use. In the case of a blind examinee, the examination questions may be read aloud and the examinee may answer orally. A blind examinee wishing to use this procedure must make arrangements with the COLEM prior to the date the examination is desired.

(j) The FCC may:

(1) Administer any examination element itself.

(2) Readminister any examination element previously administered by a COLEM, either itself or by designating another COLEM to readminister the examination element.

(3) Cancel the commercial operator license(s) of any licensee who fails to appear for re-administration of an examination when directed by the FCC, or who fails any required element that is re-administered. In case of such cancellation, the person will be issued an operator license consistent with completed examination elements that have not been invalidated by not appearing for, or by failing, the examination upon re-administration.

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